These are a few of my favorite things (Reusable Edition)

Friday, October 20, 2017
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Reuse is probably my favorite of the R's. In the last few weeks, I've made some progress in remembering to bring along my favorite things wherever I go. I still haven't eliminated all the single-use items, like bags of chips, candy wrappers, and the occasional fast food trash, but I'm trying!

Let me share with you my favorite reusables. Unlike Oprah or Ellen, I don't think I have any giveaways. Sorry!

1. Food containers for crisp apple strudels
They're found in almost every home, and they're pretty versatile. In the last few weeks, I brought around my baunan to the movies and successfully convinced the guys at the popcorn stand to put my food in my baunan rather than the usual carton (note to self: bring a bigger baunan next time).

Out of my favorite things, this is the most inconvenient to lug around since it's so bulky. I'm considering buying those collapsible silicone food containers so it won't be such a chore to carry them around. Any reviews on them?

2. Cutlery and chopsticks for schnitzels and noodles
These are pretty easy to slip into your purse, whether or not your set comes with a bag. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic utensils!

3. Eco-bag instead of brown paper packages tied up with strings
A few years ago, Santa Claus (yes, you read that right) gave me an eco bag that you can stuff into a cupcake. If you have one of those, they're so easy to carry around in your everyday bag since they're light and you don't have to worry about folding them in a certain way.

Eco bags are ever-present in my bag. It is rare that I leave the house without one. If you don't have an eco bag yet, you might want to get something that's canvas instead of the plastic (like mine, I think) or polypropylene ones, which is given away as SWAG at most events.

4. Menstrual cup for raindrops and roses
I've been using my cup for three cycles now. On my third cycle, I depended entirely on my cup. I didn't support it with any pad, liner, or tampon. It was amazing! Every time I would empty my cup, I would think to myself "OMG no waste!!! This is incredible!" I must have saved at least 16 pads and/or tampons. I regret that I didn't buy this sooner.

To add to my euphoria, I realized on Day 3 that I had not yet felt the monthly paralyzing pain that signifies the breaking of an egg. I read on forums and blogs that some women feel they don't have cramps, or that the pain is lessened. Menstrual cups don't have chemicals, and chemicals in feminine products are what cause us to have really bad cramps.

The downside of my cup though is that I have the wrong size. I wasn't aware about the volume of the cup when I bought mine, so you might want to double check with your brand if you're planning on switching to the cup. This guide by locally-made Sinaya Cup is pretty helpful.

5. Glass jars to match bright copper kettles
This might be the most versatile of the five items. I used it to buy rice from the jolly jeep across the office. I could have also put a viand in the jar to make it look like a classy rice toppings meal. I encouraged a friend to take it with her on an afternoon coffee run, and she even featured it in a post! Another time, I forgot my water bottle at the office, so I ended up using the jar as a water bottle.

Insider's tip: If you want to buy a pet fish, bringing a glass jar would be useful, too.

I read somewhere that zero waste is easy, and that it takes some planning and forward thinking. I agree with the quote - we need to prepare ourselves to say no to waste (how do you refuse a disposable take-out coffee cup if you don't offer an alternative?). It does take forward thinking and planning (who carries around three large baunans all day?! *raises hand*).

It's the small victories that excite and encourage me to be mindful of packaging, how much I consume, and whatnot. It also helps that I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad.

Do you have favorite things (reusable) that aren't on this list you'd like to share? Don't be shy, be wasted.

PS -- Respect for Maria for being an OG zero waster and turning curtains into clothes.

FYI if you haven't noticed, there are several references in this entry to the Sound of Music's My Favorite Things


  1. Water bottle (for raindrops but not roses)

  2. I've used the collapsible containers before... I found them cool, but they were still pretty bulky. Definitely less bulky though haha I think mine started to absorb the smell after a while. Maybe I just didn't clean it properly hahaha

    1. Yikes! One of my favorite things about glass containers is that the smell doesn't really stay on it. Haha noted, noted. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hello bad!!! This post was so witty ha, I loved it!! I heartily chuckled here and there :))

    I don't think I've consciously thought about how there are so many options out there (food or water containers, cutlery and chopsticks) that are really doable. I will now make the effort :) [Also I wanted to bring home some spaghetti in our last dinner but did not have a baunan like you!! :p]

    I've only brought an eco bag around for travel. I guess because we're charged for shopping bags abroad but not so much here :( I don't think I can ever do menstrual cups :))

    Lol at Maria making clothes out of curtains!! Mabigat kaya?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post. I had so much fun writing it!

      Yes I'm almost always prepared!!! That means more possibilities of taking food home from parties! Happy to hear you're taking a step forward, too!

      I dunno if they were heavy, but they looked complex to make. The kids had plits in their clothes. Sosyal!


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