Eating with a Green Tongue

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Photo by yours truly

Going through January was like tossing and turning in your sleep, only to be rudely awoken by your alarm clock a few winks later. It was a long month, but my quick sleep felt deep and productive.

In my previous entry, I gave a glimpse of my personal scorecard. I'm proud to report that it is moving! On the first week on January, I got started with my Meatless Mondays. It quickly turned into Meatless Meals on Most Days (MMMD) because I would do meal prep enough for at least three days. I never realized how fun meatless eating is!

I've been learning new recipes and experimenting with my go-to's -- replacing chicken with tofu, and adding extra servings of greens. I've also been eating out considerably less (hurrah for savings)! The transition hasn't been too painful since I enjoy eating veggies and not feeding my body garbage. What is a little difficult, however, is the discipline of weekly cooking.

Cooking doesn't come to me naturally. It takes me forever to prepare one dish. I don't know how to chop onions fast, mince carrots into perfect tiny cubes, or know when the pan is hot enough. A lot of time, trial, and error goes into my kitchen experiments. Cooking (and cleaning) takes up a sizable amount of my weekend, so it has to be deliberately planned and properly scheduled -- lest I find myself still scrubbing pans at 11pm on a Sunday night (it's happened more times than you can imagine). If you can relate and fall under this category, there is much hope for you.

Despite how time consuming it can be and how daunting the pile of dishes looks, weekend cooking is something I look forward to, and even more so now that my cooking has more of a direction.

Adding a plant-based day is one of my favorite scale-ups this year thus far. I planned on cutting down my meat intake by at least 15%. I still eat meat, but I haven't cooked anything that used to walk the earth or swim the seas since last year. And since I prepare food for almost a week, I have probably cut down animal consumption by 20-25%. I find this real progress for myself, especially since I'm always afraid of going hungry if I don't get my bloody protein fix.

This initially started as an initiative for my physical facet. While you might not see any physical manifestations, my food definitely looks happier, more colorful, and more appetizing overall. If you're interested in experimenting with meatless food, I would recommend my ever fave Pinch of Yum. She has lots of recipes that you can play around with, and that show meatless alternatives. If you're the hardcore type and want to go vegan, my good friend The Healthy Pinay makes going vegan look easy and beautiful. Playing around with tofu and doubling up on your greens don't hurt either. Your body will thank you later.

Till our next meal!

PS - Here's a list of recipes I've tried (will be adding as I cook more):

Teriyaki sauce for my tofu

The alternative to my teriyaki tofu

No-boil penne pasta (highly recommended!)

Mushroom tempura (I used baby portobello mushrooms instead of the veggies)

Wild rice mushroom soup (I added tofu and a tonne of veggies)

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